Thursday, February 3, 2011

Rebels of Mars RPG non-player character: Lt. William Jefferson

Thanks to the role-playing game blog Savage Barsoom, I recently capitalized on Adamant Entertainment’s new pricing model and purchased a small sack of stuff, including Rebels of Mars (2009), an RPG campaign setting that revolves around a Confederate unit plucked from the American Civil War and transported to the Green Wastes of Mars. Check out this non-player character from the dramatis personae:

Lt. William Jefferson

Lieutenant William Beauregard Jefferson has been second in command since Lt. Robert Hammond fell to the first green man attack. The son of plantation owners, Lt. Jefferson sees slavery as a positive good and simply part of the Divine Plan. He is often fond of quoting Scripture in regards to slavery, although in practice he isn’t a very religious man.

Lt. Jefferson has a jovial demeanor and is popular within the troop. Zeb realizes that he helps keep morale up; otherwise he’d have demoted him soon after they’d met the red nomads. Lt. Jefferson tends to treat the red nomads the same way he’d treat African- Americans, with arrogance and casual disdain. He certainly looks down upon Zeb’s relationship with Carina (which is mostly in Lt. Jefferson’s mind at this point).

Lt. Jefferson is starting to believe that God sent the troop here to tame the land and create a new order, naturally with the Confederate soldiers at the top (he still hasn’t worked out how God plans for him to maintain racial purity, as no Earth women came with them). He largely keeps this to himself, but Martian alcohol is beginning to loosen his tongue around the men. At some point, Lt. Jefferson plans to confront Zeb and possibly duel him for control of the troop.

William Jefferson is a tall man in his mid-twenties, with steely blue eyes and reddish brown hair. He’s cleanshaven except for a few whiskers that he vainly tries to pass off as a mustache. He carries a Martian rapier and a radium pistol. He prefers to becalled “Will” rather than “Billy.” While he’d never admit it, Lt. Jefferson does harbor carnal feelings towards Carina and may soon act upon them.

Attributes: Agility, Smarts, Spirit, Strength, Vigor

Skills: Fighting, Guts, Intimidation, Notice, Persuasion, Riding, Shooting, Stealth, Streetwise

Pace, Parry, and Toughness, but no Charisma

Hindrances: None

Edges: Alien Mind, Mighty Thews

Gear: Rapier, Radium Pistol

Note that the core Savage Worlds rules and a copy of MARS: Savage Worlds Edition are required to play Rebels of Mars.

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