Saturday, March 5, 2011

Review: John Carter of Mars: Weird Worlds, Dark Horse reprint of DC comics from 1970’s

Earlier this year, Dark Horse Comics collected and reprinted the John Carter of Mars stories that were originally published by DC Comics in the 1970's comic books Weird Worlds #1—#7 and Tarzan #207—#209. The volume, which is titled John Carter of Mars: Weird Worlds (Jan 2011) and features the handsome work of comics legends Marv Wolfman, Murphy Anderson, Gray Morrow, Sal Amendola, Joe Orlando, and Howard Chaykin, does not appear to have generated much interest among fans, but JCOM Reader, a blog devoted to news from Barsoom, Mongo and other planets, took the time to review it.

Enjoy the preview at Dark Horse, then check out the review by JCOM Reader!

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