Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday: The Call of Cthulhurotica

Earlier today, I launched my holiday shopping by purchasing Cthulhurotica (2010), a forthcoming anthology edited by Carrie Cuinn, published by Dagan Books of New Jersey, and slated for release on December 15th. Among the Lovecraftian stories I’m looking forward to reading is “Dreamland of Mars” by poet and writer Travis King.

It will be a few weeks before Cthulhurotica arrives at my doorstep, but that will only give me more time to admire the creepy cover art by artist Oliver Wetter.

And, it will give me plenty of time to play along with (for the umpteenth time!) Metallica as it performs “The Call of Ktulu,” its classic 1984 instrumental tribute to writer Howard Phillips Lovecraft, recorded live with Michael Kamen & the San Francisco Symphony in April 1999 at the Berkeley Community Theatre. That’s me on the violin!

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