Friday, November 19, 2010

Cthulhurotica: "Dreamlands of Mars" by Travis King

Poet, writer and essayist Travis King has written an intriguing new short story called "Dreamlands of Mars." It will be published in Cthulhurotica, a forthcoming anthology edited by Carrie Cuinn, published by Dagan Books of New Jersey, and slated for release on December 15, 2010. King revealed the inspiration behind "Dreamlands of Mars" in an October 2010 interview:
It was influenced primarily by the Randolph Carter tales of Lovecraft’s Dream Cycle and by the story “In the Walls of Eryx,” which was Lovecraft’s only venture into the field of traditional science fiction. I was originally going to have it set on Venus, as “Eryx” was, complete with the pulp-era descriptions of life on that planet, but then I decided to stick to the science we know now, and in homage to Burroughs, who also wrote of a man named Carter, I moved the setting Mars, setting part of it in a projected future about 80 years from now and another part in the distant past, when, at least for purposes of the story, alien life was abundant.
Travis King’s works have been published in print in such venues as the literary journal Waves and online in webzines such as Every Day Fiction, eMuse, and Innsmouth Free Press. He is an advocate of copyright reform and a big fan of Creative Commons licensing. King resides in the Pacific Northwest.

The cover art for Cthulhurotica was created by the amazing artist Oliver Wetter.

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