Flash Fiction


"Moresheck" by J.R. Blackwell (2005)


“Bride” by J.R. Blackwell (2006)

“Liberty” by J.R. Blackwell (2006)

“Supernova” by J.R. Blackwell (2006)

“Just the Thing” by J. Loseth (2006)

“Legal on Mars” by J. Loseth (2006)

“Ice Rustlers” by Patricia Stewart (2006)

“For Granted” by B. York (2006)


“Sunset on Mars” by Laura Bradford (2007)


"The Elcano Syndrome" by Gustavo Bondoni (2008)

"Life from Mars" by Penelope Friday (2008)

“Crash Protocol” by Daniel Fuhr (2008)

"Live from Times Square" by Jeff Garrity (2008)

“The Button-Pushers of Mars” by Martin Green (2008)

“Survivor of Olympus Mons” by Neil Griffith (2008)

"Mars Ascent" by Andrew Males (2008)

"Fast Living" by Hank Quense (2008)

“Blood and Ozone” by Steven C. Rockoff (2008)

"Brute Force and Ignorance" by Phred Serenissima (2008)

"The Manumitters" by Phred Serenissima (2008)

"Christmas on Mars" by Patricia Stewart (2008)

“You Might Be A Green-neck If...” by Patricia Stewart (2008)


"Martian Standard Time" by Curtis C. Chen (2009)

“Patience in a Handful of Dust” by James C. Clar (2009)

“The Green Hills of Mars” by Roi R. Czechvala (2009)

“The Honeymooners” by Roi R. Czechvala (2009)

"Details" by Patricia Duncan (2009)

“Turning a Frontier into a Home” by Ben Ellis (2009)

“The Undefeatable Enemy from Mars” by Kaolin Fire (2009)

“Marshoppers and Birds” by L. Hall (2009)

"Sunrise" by Steffen Koenig (2009)

“Gustav’s Mars” by Emily Leverett (2009)

“First Words” by James Marshall (2009)

“Jerry and Monica’s Falling Out” by Sean Monaghan (2009)

“What My Granddad Told Me About The Martians” by David Rees-Thomas (2009)

"The Last Day of Mars" by Sam Sher (2009)

"Passage" by Steve Smith (2009)

“Eagle 2” by Al Vazquez (2009)

"Martian Goes Grocery Shopping" by Zachary Whitten (2009)


“Joyride” by James C. Clar (2010)

"Sunset Photographer" by Sean Monaghan (2010)

“Can’t You Find Anything Up There?” by Sean Monaghan (2010)

"The Poets of Mars" by Ian Sharman (2010)

“Preempting the Martian Attack” by Patricia Stewart (2010)

“Prison Break” by Patricia Stewart (2010)

“Warning Belles” by J.C. Towler (2010)

“Red Dunes” by a Welles fan (2010)

“As Long As It Takes” by Aaron Henderson (2010)


“Starry Night” by Roi R. Czechvala (2011) 
About suicide on Mars.

"Survivor" by James Dillingham (2011) 
Set on the Red Planet, the piece contains the following words: boot, cold, stairway.

“Queen of Mars” by J. J. Ulm (2011) 
A parody of the early 20th-century pulp sci-fi genre.

"Red Tank" by John Xero (2011)
A military man fights a war on the Red Planet against Martians in hopes of providing a better future for his young son back on Earth.

"Fertilizer" by Duncan Shields (2011)
NASA, a convicted murderer, and the role of Mars in the criminal justice system.

“Krystal K. and the Janitor” by James Reinebold (2011)
A janitor at the International Mars Colony prepares the facility for the arrival of an important guest.

“The Martian Solution” by Patricia Stewart (2011)
How Al Gore and his pseudo-scientists helped transform Mars into a self-sustaining planet.

“The Future of Man” by Patricia Stewart (2011)
A class of students preparing to take a field trip to Olympus Mons.
“Acceptable Losses” by Ian Rennie (2011)
The return of the first manned mission to Mars, reminds me of 1978 film Capricorn One.


"What Really Happened at Grover's Mill? The Martian Perspective" by Grover's Mill Coffee Company (year)