Saturday, October 29, 2011

New hard SF short story: "How We Came Back from Mars (A Story that Cannot Be Told)" by Ian Watson

Full cover artwork for Solaris Rising. Copyright © 2011 Pye Parr
Solaris Books, a UK-based boutique that specializes in science fiction & fantasy, just published Solaris Rising, an anthology of all-new hard SF stories that includes “How We Came Back from Mars (A Story that Cannot Be Told),” by British author Ian Watson.

I haven’t read Watson’s story yet, but critic Lois Tilton of Locus Online calls it “A dizzying bit of craziness. A fun read” and provides the following synopsis:
The narrator and his astronaut companions were stranded on Mars by a malfunctioning ascent engine and had just radioed their final messages to Earth when a flying saucer landed to pick them up. And delivered them to a movie set in Spain where they attracted the attention of the crew, who is reluctant to credit their story. Conspiracy theories proliferate.
Ian Watson is also the author of the novel The Martian Inca (1977), which is now available as an e-book for your Kindle.

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