Sunday, March 27, 2011

Roger Ebert’s scathing reviews of 2005 SF-Horror film Doom

Here’s a real treat for Mars movie buffs: two scathing reviews by film critic Roger Ebert of the 2005 science fiction horror box office disappointment Doom.

Set in the year 2046 in the Union Aerospace Corporation (UAC) Olduvai Research Facility on the Red Planet and based on the popular Doom series of video games, the film stars Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as a Marine named "Sarge," New Zealand actor Karl Urban as a Marine named "Reaper," and English actress Rosamund Pike as Dr. Samantha Grimm, all of whom face doom battling other humans that have been genetically altered by a "Martian chromosome."

The first review is near the end of this video clip from a 2005 episode of the television program At the Movies with Ebert and Roeper.

 The second review is clipped straight from Roger Ebert's Movie Yearbook 2009.
Note that Ebert says he enjoyed the films Total Recall (1990), Red Planet (2000), and Ghosts of Mars (2001)!

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