Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Comic book review round-up: Warlord of Mars #4 (2011)

Warlord of Mars, the new comic book series adaptation by Dynamite Entertainment of beloved pulp author Edgar Rice Burroughs’ fantastical science fiction novel A Princess of Mars (1917), continues to generate strong interest among both comic and ERB fans. Written by Arvid Nelson with interior artwork by Lui Antonio and four variant covers by artists Joe Jusko, Lucio Parillo, Patrick Berkenkotter and J. Scott Campbell, here are some snippets from various reviews of Warlord of Mars #4 (February 2011):

1) Christina "RogueNurse" Weber of Nerdiest-Kids.com: "FINALLY! Finally the chick that has been on every single cover since this series started is introduced in this issue. It only takes half of the issue to get there, but at last she’s relieved in all her mostly nude voluptuousness."

2) Greg Burgas of Comic Book Resources: "Sure, there’s a story. But I was too distracted by Dejah’s ridiculous clothing to write about it!!!!"

3) MCR of JCOM Reader: "Of course the big addition here is Dejah herself and I'm sure some are asking how doe she look? Well let's say this: stunning. This issue the artwork is by Lui Antonio and he draws one of the most beautiful Dejahs I've seen--both in the body and the face."

4) DS Arsenault of Weekly Comic Book Review: "Conclusion: I loved this issue. If you liked John Carter or Tarzan as a kid, you’ve got to pick up this gem of a series. Grade: A."

5) Johnny Bacardi of Popdose.com: "The adaptation of the venerable Burroughs story by one Arvid Nelson is done pretty well for the most part; haven’t read the original in years but what I do remember doesn’t seem all that out of sync with this. As an introduction to ERB’s character, I think it works pretty well and it it reaches an audience, then perhaps it will drum up some interest in the upcoming feature film, or vice versa. B."

6) Victor Kutsenok of A Comic Book Blog: "Still, this book’s speed, pace and action make it an amazing read month in and month out. A great retelling of a great classic."

Pictured: Cover art by Joe Jusko.

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