Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Retro Redneck cinema: The Alpha Incident (1978)

Here's a deadly serious clip from The Alpha Incident, a griping but almost-forgotten 1978 science fiction-horror film directed by Bill Rebane in which the United States government quarantines four rural strangers as it tries to contain an extraterrestrial microorganism brought back to Earth from Mars by a space probe. Starring Stafford Morgan as the hero Dr. Sorensen, Ralph Meeker as Charlie, Carol Irene Newell as the lovely Jenny, John F. Goff as Jack Tiller, and George "Buck" Flower as hillbilly Hank.

So horrifyingly close to the truth, it will blow your mind!

The website Bleeding Skull presents a nice crisp review of The Alpha Incident, while the blog From Beyond Depraved has a detailed summary, analysis and photos of the film.

Watch the entire film in 10 parts on YouTube, or as a single gigantic file deposited in the Internet Archive!

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