Thursday, October 21, 2010

Review: Edgar Pangborn’s 1954 novel A Mirror for Observers

Science fiction writer and fantasy editor Scott A. Cupp recently reviewed Edgar Pangborn’s oft-forgotten SF novel A Mirror for Observers (1954) in the Forgotten Books column for Missions Unkown!, a San Antonio-based website devoted to science fiction, fantasy & horror.

A story about “a young Earth boy, Angelo Pontevecchio, growing up in New York City who is watched by two Martians with different goals in mind,” Cupp concludes, in part, that A Mirror for Observers “is not a fast moving book. It lets the events develop slowly, much as the Observers do. There are few action chase scenes, shootouts with the Feds, or giant rolling stones intent on crushing the reader. Yet, I found it profoundly moving and I re-read it every decade or so.” Read the entire review!

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