Sunday, October 24, 2010

Coming soon: D.O.G.S. of Mars digital comic and film

Comic Book Resources reports that Comixology is teaming up with High Treason Pictures to produce D.O.G.S. of Mars, a new four-issue, mini-series digital comic drawn by Paul Maybury with covers by Rhazzah that is slated to be released for various platforms in January 2011.

D.O.G.S. of Mars is the story of a woman named Zoe, “the swashbuckling captain of Earth’s first Martian colony. Isolated on the farthest frontier of civilization, order breaks down when unfamiliar hostiles invade. Zoe faces mutiny, death and dishonor; she must sacrifice her humanity if she hopes to survive.”

According to one insider: “Paul Maybury is doing a sick job on the art. The designs are very industrial with splashes of steampunk and Japanese gore splattered about. His vision of the monster is a grotesque, alien twist on a classic.”

The digital comic will be followed by a film adaptation. A joint project of High Treason Pictures and digital studio South Fellini, the D.O.G.S. of Mars film is scheduled for production next year.

If anyone knows what D.O.G.S. stands for, please let me know.

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