Friday, September 24, 2010

Yes, Virginia, women really did read SF in the 1930's: Letter #1

Dear Editor:

Saw your new magazine at the newsstand and bought it at once. I like the following stories in this issue: "The Beetle Horde", "Phantoms of Reality", "The Stolen Mind". I did not care much for the others, and least of all for "Tanks".

I believe that readers, like myself, who are interested in scientific fantasies, prefer stories of interplanetary travels and fourth dimensional stories, and variations of these themes. Such as various space-ships and vibration machines for visiting other planets and traveling backward and forward in time. Stories of lost continents and of strange races of people living in unknown places on our own Earth are interesting also.

A magazine of this kind has unlimited possibilities for stories of the aforementioned types, and I believe that readers who buy magazines of these subjects expect to find therein really Astounding Stories. Best wishes for the success of your magazine!

Ruth Miller, St. Regis Hotel, Cleveland, Ohio

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