Monday, September 13, 2010

Hungarian graphic novel depicts creepy mansion in Bradbury’s 1950 story “Usher II”


  1. Hi Paul,
    It's the hungarian translation of Ray Bradbury Chronicles comics #2, edited by Bantham Spectra Book,
    Byron Preiss Visual Publications in 1992 (an excellent set of seven volumes all containing fully illustrated graphic versions of Ray Bradbury's most famous stories).

  2. Thanks, Doc Mars, I did not know that. Unrelated, if you've never seen it, check out this comic from 1943:

  3. Hi Paul,
    Thanks for that link.
    Monstro the martian (drawn by Irv Novick) has a great look and is not green!
    But i have more intriguing, in Police Comics #34 (sept.1944) a vilain says "We'll claim John Jones was the real Manhunter!"