Sunday, September 19, 2010

German Science Fiction up to 1945

The Science Fact & Science Fiction Concatenation, an online project focusing largely on European Science Fiction, recently posted an awesome article titled “German Science Fiction up to 1945” in which fantastic fiction fan and Hamburg filmmaker Elmar Podlasly “provides a summary review of some of Germany's landmark SF up to the end of World War II.” Podlasly’s article is divided chronologically into four parts:

1. 1871 – 1918 Germany under the Kaiser
2. Dime novel culture under the Kaiser’s rule
3. 1918 – 1933 Weimar times
4. 1933 – 1945 Nazi Germany

I know a little bit about the influential author Kurd Laßwitz (1848-1910) and his seminal Earth-Mars work, Auf zwei Planeten (On Two Planets, 1897; 1905 edition pictured above), but most of Podlasly’s article is all new to me! Stay tuned for Podlasly’s follow-up article, which, presumably, will focus on the years following World War II.

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