Saturday, September 25, 2010

Events of Martian Rails: Red Dust!

Martian Rails (2009), the crayon board game manufactured by Mayfair Games about railroading on the Red Planet in which players build tracks and haul freight in sleek trains with names like Spirit, Tweel and Viking, has a long list of events to which players can respond in order to generate revenue for their rail companies. For example:

Red Dust! -- Southern dust storm. When the Sun heats the Martian atmosphere, it causes strong winds. The intense heating stirs the atmosphere and picks up huge amounts of dust and sand. Mars is closest to the Sun during the Southern summer. Therefore, the dust storms often begin in the Noachis and Thuamasia Deserts. The storms can easily destroy a train caught in the sudden winds.

Martian Rails is loaded with references to Martian SF!

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