Saturday, December 17, 2011

Abdominal-crushing review of Marvel's new ERB comic book John Carter: A Princess of Mars #3

JCOM Reader, a fan blog devoted to news and reviews from Barsoom, Mongo & other planets, has another scathing review of industry titan Marvel's new five-issue comic book adaptation of ERB’s classic 1917 science fiction novel A Princess of Mars. This time, it's John Carter: A Princess of Mars #3 (Nov 2011)!

Imprisoned by the brutish Tharks of Mars, John Carter must fight his way to freedom not just for his own sake, but for that of Dejah Thoris, the princess he loves! But first he must prove himself in the arena in a fight to the death!

Written by Roger Langridge with interior artwork by Filipe Andrade and cover art by Skottie Young, John Carter: A Princess of Mars #3 (Nov  2011) should be available at your local comic book shop!

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