Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Preview of Honey West #3: 1960's comic book femme fatale investigates Hollywood murder on Mars

The blog of writer, screenwriter and graphic storyteller Janet Hetherington has a preview of Honey West #3 (March 2011), the first part of a new three-issue “Murder on Mars” comic book story arc written by Elaine Lee, illustrated by artist Ronn Sutton, and published by Moonstone Books that stars fictional female private detective Honey West, who joins the cast of a mid-1960’s low-budget science fiction B movie (Amazons of Mars) to investigate the murder of the film’s starlet, Zu Zu Varga.

The character Honey West was originally created in the late 1950’s by Forrest E. “Skip” Fickling and his wife, Gloria Fickling, for their long-running series of detective novels. West later appeared in the mid 1960’s for a short-lived eponymous television series featuring Anne Francis (who passed away in January 2011) and various items of merchandise, including a doll, a board game, and a one-shot Gold Key comic book.

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