Sunday, March 13, 2011

Auction records: Original painting "Woman Blasts Martian" by John Bolton for 1994 Topps Mars Attacks Archives card set

Original Painting on the left. Topps #80 on the right.

John Bolton — Original Painting for Mars Attacks Archives card set, "Woman Blasts Martian" (Topps, 1994)

"Never wake a woman with a gun from a peaceful night's sleep" is the lesson we learn from this painting by the superb British artist John Bolton. When Topps reissued their legendary Mars Attacks (1962) card set in 1994, they asked a handful of comic artists to contribute new cards for the set. This is one of the best of that new lot. Rendered in acrylics on textured paper, this piece measures approximately 11" x 15" and is signed by the artist in the lower left corner.

Sold for: $2,300 (includes BP)
Date sold: October 11, 2002

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