Friday, September 10, 2010

Nazi psy-fi: Der Mars greift ein (1934)

Der Mars greift ein (1934) is a fascinating Nazi psy-fi novel written by Titus Taeschner, a German engineer who penned two other works of technical science fiction in the 1930’s.

According to Psy Fi, the third volume in an exhaustive study of Nazi Psychoanalysis (University of Minnesota Press, 20002) by Laurence A. Rickels, the plot of Der Mars greift ein revolves around Professor Sieger, a German scientist and the world’s most famous Mars researcher, who conducts his work in secrecy at Villa Marsberg. After splitting the atom, Professor Sieger is equally successful in establishing contact with the inhabitants of Mars. In time, he learns “all the fast-forward-evolved techno-secrets of the future.” Fortunate for him and the Third Reich, as Germany not only faces European rivals, it is being threatened by a bellicose Russo-Japanese alliance! Somehow, the Martians intervene in earthly events and secure the peace for Germany. And Professor Sieger? After being kidnapped from Villa Marsberg and held on a Japanese battleship, he is freed and eventually removes to Mars.

Pictured: 1935 edition of Der Mars greift ein.

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