Wednesday, May 4, 2011

1930's short story: "The Lost Machine" by John B. Harris

Thanks to the industrious folks at the Internet Archive, you can read online or download “The Lost Machine,” a short story penned by British science fiction writer John Beynon Harris and illustrated by Peruvian American pulp artist Leo Morey, as it was originally published in the April 1932 issue of Amazing Stories magazine. It’s the touching tale of a Martian robot named Zat, who commits suicide after being stranded on Earth.

"Psychologists—and others—are greatly concerned about the effects—possible and assured—of machines and the machine age, on human life and endeavor. But who has ever stopped to consider the possible reactions—or thoughts—of the advanced machine of the future?"

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  1. You probably know this, but not everyone will, so it's worth saying: John Beynon Harris is one of several pen names used by JOHN WYNDHAM, best known as the author of several 1950s "cosy disaster" novels such as DAY OF THE TRIFFIDS.