Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Haffner Press reprints more Mars stories by Leigh Brackett

Wonderful news for fans of Space Opera! Haffner Press of Royal Oak, Michigan just published a new collection of old science fiction and fantasy stories by Leigh Brackett, the undisputed Queen of Space Opera. Titled Shannach – The Last: Farewell to Mars, the collection reprints sixteen Brackett works from classic pulp magazines such as Planet Stories, Startling Stories, and Thrilling Wonder Stories, including several tales set on Mars:

The Last Days of Shandakor (1952)

Mars Minus Bisha (1954)

The Road to Sinharat (1963)

Purple Priestess of the Mad Moon (1964)

The collection also includes vintage illustrations by artists Ed Emshwiller and Frank Kelly Freas from the original pulp magazines, as well as an introduction by SF&F Grand Master Anne McCaffrey.

Shannach – The Last: Farewell to Mars is the third collection published by Haffner Press that reprints some of Leigh Brackett’s classic tales of Martian SF&F. The earlier volumes are Martian Quest: The Early Brackett (2002) and Lorelei of the Red Mist: Planetary Romances (2008).

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