Monday, April 25, 2011

Allen Steele’s 2010 novelette "The Emperor of Mars" nominated for Hugo Award

Congratulations to seasoned Martian science fiction & fantasy author Allen Steele, whose 2010 novelette “The Emperor of Mars” has been nominated for a Hugo Award! Published in the June 2010 issue of Asimov’s Science Fiction magazine, “The Emperor of Mars” revolves round a roughneck stationed on a near-future Mars, who, after suffering severe emotional trauma, develops some unusual reading habits, which lead to some rather erratic behavior, as he devolves into Emperor Jeffery the First, sovereign monarch of the Great Martian Empire, warlord and protector of the red planet!

You can read a large chunk of “The Emperor of Mars” at Asimov’s website. And, you can listen to an unabridged 47-minute reading of Steele’s novelette, narrated by Nathan Lowell with cool cover art by Andreas Rocha (pictured above!), which was podcast in the No. 168 issue of UK-based StarShipSofa: The Audio Science Fiction Magazine.

Allen M. Steele is also the author of several other works of Martian SF&F, including “Live from the Mars Hotel” (1988), “Red Planet Blues” (1989), Labyrinth of Night: a Novel of Mars (1992), “A Letter from St. Louis” (1996), “Zwarte Piet's Tale” (1998), and “A Walk Across Mars” (2002).

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