Monday, February 21, 2011

Planet Comics #1 (Jan 1940): "Flint Baker & and the One-Eyed Monster Men of Mars"

Thanks to some anonymous nutcase who treasures comic book piracy, here are some beautiful, readable jpegs of a comic titled "The Planetary Adventures of Flint Baker & and the One-Eyed Monster Men of Mars," which was the first story published in the first issue of Planet Comics (#1 January 1940, Fiction House). Scripted and illustrated by Dick Briefer, this 15-page comic chronicles the adventures of Fletcher "Flint" Baker as he journeys to the Red Planet with three murderous ex-convicts and the lovely Mimi Wilson of the New York Globe, where they battle Sarko and the One-Eyed Monster Men of Mars!

Flint Baker prepares for his voyage to Mars

He finds an old letter from 1933 on the surface of Mars

Martian Princess Viga and her father greet Flint Baker

The evil Sarko attacks from the Dark Side of Mars

Flint Baker helps defeat the One-Eyed Monster Men of Mars!


  1. I love Planet Comics, though (INHO) the internal art got much, much better in later issues. That cover, however, is awesome. And your conscious can relax, Planet Comics have long been in the public domain.

  2. Thanks, Dave. Planet Comics has many great covers!

  3. Oops, "conscience" not "conscious" my overuse of spell checking instead of proofreading in action.

  4. Hi Paul,
    Very nice scans!
    Don't miss Flint's next martian adventures here:

  5. Thanks for the link, Doc Mars!