Saturday, October 9, 2010

Free 1990’s YA graphic novel: Yuppies, Rednecks, and Lesbian Bitches from Mars

Back in 1990’s, when it was initially published by Eros Comix as eight separate comic books, Yuppies, Rednecks, and Lesbian Bitches from Mars, by Kyle Goulet and Rob Kalmbach, was stamped “Adults Only.” Today, this 200-page b&w graphic novel is exciting reading for any Young Adult who is intrigued by the intricacies of human sexuality. Here’s how one reader describes Yuppies, Rednecks, and Lesbian Bitches from Mars:

The title delivers exactly what it promises. Here, yuppies are an endangered species as the last fifty left alive on earth attempt to escape to Mars (by means of flying BMWs, of course). Earth, of course, has become overrun by rednecks (and carnivorous packs of feral children), led by Couch Potato. Mars, meanwhile, is ruled by the lesbian bitches, including supreme ruler Queen Bitch. Here, heterosexual sex has been outlawed, and all men (except those in hiding) have been castrated, something the yuppies probably aren’t entirely aware of. But a rebellion is in the offing on Mars as the Queen’s daughter Sasha plans to legalize straight sex once again. Such is the plot of this futuristic, apocalyptic sex satire.

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