Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Read first two chapters of Guy Haley's forthcoming robust hard SF novel Champion of Mars

Thanks to the generosity of British science fiction author, journalist, and former SFX deputy editor Guy Haley, you can read the first two chapters of his forthcoming robust hard science fiction novel Champion of Mars, which will be published by Solaris Books and released on 10th May 2012. Described by Haley as "a blend of Planetary Romance, post-microchip Hard SF and pure adventure," here’s the official promotional blurb:

In the far future, Mars dies a second time. The Final War between man and the spirits is beginning. In a last bid for peace, disgraced champion Yoechakenon Val Mora and his spirit lover Cybele are set free to find the long-missing Librarian of Mars, the only hope to save the remnants of mankind.

In the near-future Dr Holland, a scientist running from a painful past, joins the Mars colonisation effort, cataloguing the remnants of Mars’ biosphere before it is swept away by the terraformation programme. When an artefact is discovered deep in the caverns of the red planet the actions of Holland and his team lead to tragedy, with profound consequences that ripple throughout time. This tragedy affects not only Holland’s present, but the distant days of Yoechakenon, and all the eras that bridge the aeons between them.

Presumably, the big-breasted woman on the cool cover by award-winning American artist Dominick Saponaro is the “long-missing Librarian of Mars!”

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