Thursday, September 8, 2011

New novel: Steam Titans of Mars by Luke Monroe

There’s no lack of new interesting self-published SF&F novels set on the Red Planet. This one, written by Luke Monroe, is titled Steam Titans of Mars: A Story of History as it Might Have Been (CreateSpace, Aug 2011). Here’s the promotional description:

In 1880, advanced technology and commerce are the lifeblood of human civilization. Captain Christopher Tuttle finds himself transferred to the wild frontier of Mars after suffering from a horrific injury in battle on Earth. He is tasked by his corporate masters with training the military men of Mars in the intricacies of piloting the massive and powerful land Titans. Shortly after arriving Christopher finds himself thrown into the dangerous struggles of an alien world which he has only just begun to understand.

You can read the opening pages of Steam Titans of Mars through Amazon, where you can buy the book as a trade paperback or as an e-book for your Kindle.

Luke Monroe is an author and game designer. He has an MBA and lives with his family in the American Midwest.

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