Sunday, August 28, 2011

Old interview with actress Joanna Cassidy of 2001 SF-Horror film Ghosts of Mars

I recently found a neat 2003/2004 interview with Hollywood actress Joanna Cassidy, who had a minor role in Ghosts of Mars (2001), an action-packed science fiction-horror film directed by horror master John Carpenter that is set in the late 22nd century on a partially terraformed Mars in which an ancient Martian civilization is uncovered in a remote mining town. Here’s an excerpt:
Question: You have your fair share of fight sequences in the movie, was there any special training that had to be done for the fight sequences?

Joanna Cassidy: We very much trained for the fight sequences on Ghosts of Mars. For weeks ahead of time. John and Sandy [director John Carpenter and his wife Sandy] hired experts in knife and stick fighting. We did a lot of work to get up to speed, to get really in good shape. But I love that stuff! I could do that every day. I mean, I always train on something every day anyway. I always work out. I love to be in great shape. It makes me feel wonderful. I love the old endorphins to kick in. You know, life is good when you move your body.
According to the free online movie museum, the sexy outfit worn by Cassidy in Ghosts of Mars (pictured above) included a pair of Frye boots, size 7.5.

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