Friday, August 12, 2011

Conquest of Space - 1955 Sci-Fi film produced by George Pal

Here's a nice surprise: Someone recently uploaded to YouTube a high-quality DVD recording of Conquest of Space (1955), a science fiction film produced by George Pal, the award-winning producer of The War of the Worlds (1953). Set in the Atomic Age, the storyline revolves around a team of international astronauts who undertake the first manned mission to the Red Planet.

Infused with some solid science, neat special effects, and timeless philosophical conflicts and religious debates, Conquest of Space stars Walter Brooke as the Bible-carrying American commander, Gen. Samuel T. Merritt; Eric Fleming as his scientifically-grounded son, Capt. Barney Merritt; Mickey Shaughnessy as the general’s loyal Irish underling, Sgt. Mahoney; Phil Foster as the smart-ass, buxom-blonde-loving Sgt. Siegle from Brooklyn; and Benson Fong as the erudite Japanese astronaut, Imoto.

“But we can still reach destination as planned, which may be Mars…or Hell.
This voyage is a cursed abomination! If it were possible, I’d come back now, return the ship to Earth, and blow it up! Together with all plans in existence for building another! We’re committing man’s greatest sacrilege!”

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