Thursday, July 14, 2011

Premiere trailer for Disney film John Carter (2012)

Walt Disney Pictures just released the premiere trailer for John Carter, the long-awaited, live-action film adaptation of the beloved and seminal Edgar Rice Burroughs fantastical science fiction novel A Princess of Mars (1917). Directed by Andrew Stanton, and starring Taylor Kitsch as Confederate army captain John Carter, Lynn Collins as the lovely princess Dejah Thoris, and Willem Dafoe as the bad-ass green martian Tars Tarkas, John Carter is scheduled to land in theatres in March 2012.

Apparently, the song in the trailer is “My Body is a Cage” as performed by Peter Gabriel.

The John Carter trailer can also be downloaded at iTunes Movie Trailers.


  1. The trailer looks interesting. It also seems that Mars has an livable atmosphere in this one. I suppose if I'd ever read the book I'd know why.

  2. Cinders: Plenty of time to read the book before the film is released.

  3. I guess the factory is what Dejah is opening with that blue light gizmo. Either that or she's opening the Rainbow Bridge to Asgard. The trailer looked great in some parts and not good in others (don't care for the tattoos on Dejah) but it might be a good movie, even though I doubt it will be a good adaptation of Burroughs.