Monday, July 4, 2011

Jason Stoddard to finally reboot his 2005 novel Winning Mars

Nearly two years after announcing “available for pre-order,” author Jason Stoddard will finally reboot his science fiction novel Winning Mars (2005), which was released on the Internet a few years ago as a freebie, later this year. Here’s a description of the forthcoming revised edition of Winning Mars (2011), which is being published by Prime Books, an independent publishing shop specializing in science fiction and fantasy:

In the near future, Jere Gutierrez presents astounding “impressed reality” shows, and even in an outdated medium, draws million of viewers. His Neteno network is proof both old-fashioned linear stories and television can still be popular and profitable. But his “true in-the-moment” stories are really carefully orchestrated fabrications — and the public and his backers are catching on. Desperate for a story big enough to entrance the entire world, he teams up with a retired TV executive to create the ultimate reality show: a space mission to Mars, complete with corporate sponsors and competitors risking their lives for the ultimate prize of Winning Mars. But Jere has no idea just how captivating — and risky — his Winning Mars will be...

Congratulations, Jason!

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