Sunday, July 3, 2011

Free eBook: A. A. Attanasio's 1994 Mars novel Solis

Phoenix Pick, the science fiction imprint of Maryland-based Arc Manor, continues its "Free eBook-a-Month" promotion for July 2011 with Solis (1994), a majestic novel with opulent prose set in an elite community on a terraformed Mars that was written by American SF& F author A. A. Attanasio. Check out the opening paragraph:
SWOLLEN WITH DREAMS. I awoke from the dead. When I tried to speak, I uttered small animal sounds. So I just lay there in the dark, silent in the secret sea of images and memories that make our dreams. A beautiful woman made love to me. Her porcelain face gleamed, glossy with sweat, her breasts shivering like small rabbits. Tresses across her shoulders rippled red as autumn leaves. And the smell of cloves whispered from where the clamp of her need gripped me—so hard my pleasure bleared to pain, then relaxed again to pleasure. Like tiny azure pearls, tears of rapture beaded in her lashes. 
Download instructions for a free e-copy of Solis are posted on Phoenix Pick's catalogue page. The Coupon Code is 99922191.

Thanks to John DeNardo of SF Signal for the tip!

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