Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Retro trailer: 1950 film Rocketship X-M

Here's the original trailer for Rocketship X-M, a 1950 Sci-Fi film directed by Kurt Neumann. Set in the post-World War II years, the storyline revolves around a manned expedition (4 men + 1 woman) to the Moon (X-M = Expedition Moon), which experiences unexpected gravitational forces and ends up landing on Mars instead. Starring Lloyd Bridges as Colonel Floyd Graham, the pilot of the rocketship; Osa Massen as the lovely Dr. Lisa Van Horn, a chemist; John Emery as Dr. Karl Eckstrom, designer of the rocketship; Noah Beery, Jr. as Major William Corrigan; Hugh O'Brian as Harry Chamberlain; and Morris Ankrum as Dr. Ralph Fleming.

The Future Is Here! Zoom Through The Universe…
In The Screen’s First Story… Of Man’s First Conquest of Space!
Gasp At The Daring Courage… Of Four Men And A Girl…
As They Thunder Between Planets… On A Runaway Rocket!
You’ve Read About It! You’ve Talked About It! Now See It!

David Tackett of the blog QuasarDragon notes that the entire film Rocketship X-M is archived in the Internet Archive and readily available for viewing.

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