Thursday, May 19, 2011

New steampunkish SF miniature war campaign: When the Navy Walked - Conflict on Mars!

Miniature war game company ArmChair General just released Conflict on Mars, the latest campaign for its When the Navy Walked Victorian & Edwardian Science-Fiction War Game in an Age of Steam system. Here's the formal description:

When the Navy Walked: Conflict on Mars! is a miniature rules set that covers an alternate history set during the colonization of the Red Planet of Mars by the Great Powers. As the Great Powers vie for control of the planet's few resources and the Red Planet's native Red, Green and White Martians make tenuous treaties with them, something older stirs in the depths of the planet. Something dark and terrible that has been hidden for eons in forgotten crèches locked in a stasis of bloody dreams of conquest.

The Overlords are awakening from their deep slumber and returning to the planet's surface once again! The Gray servants of the Skvani are gathering their Tripod War Machines! The future of Mars bears dark days of war! 

WTNW is more than just a Victorian Science Fiction Game. It is a springboard for imagination and a high-level game of tactics and battles set amongst a what if world inspired by the classic authors of Victorian Science Fiction and Retro Science Fiction. In WTNW, players take the reins and command massive armies of men, fantastic beasts and steam-driven vehicles of leviathan proportions. In the end, the thunder that cascades across the battlefield to settle in the souls of the fighting men will only be assuaged with the assistance of the landship.

This Conflict on Mars supplement is not a stand-alone game. You will require the full version of When the Navy Walked, Second Edition, to play the game. So grab your goggles and your Aethertech, and get ready for a good time filled with steam and adventure!

Download the When the Navy Walked: Conflict on Mars! 6-page sample preview (pdf)!

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