Friday, May 27, 2011

1950's short story about racial superiority: "We're Civilized!" by Mark Clifton and Alex Apostolides

Thanks to another generous fan of old magazines at the Internet Archive, you can read or download “We’re Civilized!”, a short story written by the science fiction duo of Mark Clifton & Alex Apostolides and illustrated by pulp artist John Balbalis, as it was originally published in the August 1953 issue of Galaxy Science Fiction magazine.

Naturally, the superior race should win ...
but superior by which standards ... and whose?


  1. Here's one I don't think you have mentioned previously: a 1909 story called "On the Martian Way" by H.G. Bishop. It was reprinted in the the first (1926) issue of AMAZING STORIES, but this is its first appearance:

    - Phil