Monday, April 18, 2011

1950’s trading card: "Slaying Deimos Rock Dragon"

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Check out this 1950’s trading card, entitled "Slaying Deimos Rock Dragon." Featuring three brave spacemen being attacked by a ferocious rock dragon on the craggy Martian moon of Deimos, this handsome card is #30 in the treasured Jets, Rockets & Spacemen science fiction set that was issued in 1951 by Bowman Gum Inc. of Philadelphia. The backside of the card blasts out these lines:
On Deimos—further moon of Mars—Capt. Argo, Dr. Zara and I strayed from the rest of the group. Solar Formula Q inoculations had adjusted us to the satellite’s un-Earthian conditions. A huge dragon roared out from the rocks. One of its claws raked my wrist. I thought I was a goner. But the captain and Dr. Zara fired their ray pistols with deadly effect. The monster collapsed at our feet. Martian physicians later applied healing balm to my injured wrist.
Here’s the checklist for the complete 108-card Jets, Rockets & Spacemen set.


  1. I find the reprint set available on e-bay for $12.99... And I am tempted BUT I just bought vol.s 1&2 of The History of the Science Fiction Magazine on Amazon... (I anticipate a certain amount of Mars related stuff in those.)

  2. Thingmaker: Is that one of Mike Ashley's books?