Sunday, March 6, 2011

CoryLeak: Read second page of Cory Doctorow’s forthcoming YA story "Martian Chronicles"

Thanks to some anonymous impoverished sweatshop worker on the other side of the world who peddles pirated goods just to put food on the table for her three young children, you can read the second page of "Martian Chronicles" (2011), a forthcoming short story written by Canadian blogger, science fiction author, and copyright activist Cory "Boing Boing" Doctorow which appears in Life on Mars: Tales from the New Frontier, a new Young Adult science fiction anthology of stories edited by Australian anthologist Jonathan Strahan that is being published by Viking Juvenile and is scheduled to be released in mid-April 2011.

Support working class families: Go back and read the first page of “Martian Chronicles”!

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