Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Rebels of Mars RPG non-player character: Captain Zeb Reed

Thanks to the role-playing game blog Savage Barsoom, I capitalized on Adamant Entertainment’s new pricing model and purchased a small sack of stuff, including Rebels of Mars (2009), an RPG campaign setting that revolves around a Confederate unit plucked from the American Civil War and transported to the Green Wastes of Mars. Check out this non-player character from the dramatis personae:

Captain Arthur Zebulon "Zeb" Reed

Captain Arthur Zebulon "Zeb" Reed is the captain of the "Louisiana Lightning" cavalry troop. A horse breeder before the war, Zeb has suddenly lost his family, his horses, and his cause in one fell swoop. A practical man and a born leader, Zeb has managed to maintain discipline and keep his men safe and sane.

Zeb’s family did not own slaves and he is quick to point out that the war is not over slavery but the right to be left alone. The slaver attack, reds preying on reds, is strengthening his personal conviction that slavery is morally wrong. Zeb is an honorable man, chivalric toward women, and a good leader.

Unfortunately, Lt. Jefferson doesn’t share Zeb’s views and the two have been clashing (civilly, of course, or else Zeb would strip him of rank). Zeb fears that his lieutenant’s ambition is going to get them all killed, but he understands that a significant number of his men, perhaps the majority, are sympathetic to Lt. Jefferson. Zeb would rather keep the troop strong and unified rather than play out a miniature version of the war they left.

Zeb Reed is a dashing man in his late thirties, with straight blonde hair and a goatee. He keeps his uniform in immaculate condition although he has added a second holster for his radium pistol. Zeb also keeps his regular revolver, a cavalry saber, and a knife on him at all times. Zeb is aware of Carina’s affection for him but he still hasn’t given up on hope of seeing his wife and children again. For now, he plays her protective guardian.

Attributes: Agility, Smarts, Spirit, Strength, Vigor

Skills: Fighting, Guts, Intimidation, Knowledge (Tactics), Notice, Riding, Shooting, Stealth, Survival

Pace, Parry and Toughness, but no Charisma

Hindrances: Code of Honor

Edges: Alien Mind, Mighty Thews, Command, Natural Leader

Gear: Two Starr Model 1863 Double-action Army Revolvers, Radium Pistol, Cavalry Saber

Note that the core Savage Worlds rules and a copy of MARS: Savage Worlds Edition are required to play Rebels of Mars.

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