Saturday, January 22, 2011

Commodities of Martian Rails: Rayguns

Martian Rails (2009), the crayon board game manufactured by Mayfair Games about railroading on the Red Planet in which players build tracks and haul freight in sleek trains with names like Spirit, Tweel and Viking, has a long list of cool commodities that players can transport to generate revenue for their rail companies. For example:

Rayguns – Generic name for various beam weapons. Over the years, technology has produced the following type of rayguns: paralo-ray pistols and rifles / paralysis ray gun, heat-rays / heat-beam ray-guns, death rays, tickle rays, green disintegrator-ray projectors, baridium pistols, Nihilist Disintegrating Ray, phasers, and atomic blasters.

Martian Rails is loaded with references to Martian SF!

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