Thursday, December 30, 2010

Yes, Virginia, women really did read SF in the 1930's: Letter # 7

Dear Editor:

Well, I have so much to say, or rather would like to say for your magazine. I like it in every detail but one, which is waiting a whole month for the rest of my stories.

I wish you would give us the third sequel of "Out of the Ocean's Depths." Let the young scientist discover a way to perform matrimony between the girl of the ocean and the man, and then let their child live either in or out of water. There could be two more good stories or sequels of "Out of the Ocean's Depths." I like them all.

I liked "Murder Madness," too. It seems as though it is really real, and not fiction. I wish you would get the book out twice a month.

Mrs. B. R. Woods, Cotte, Arkansas.

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