Friday, December 31, 2010

The Guns of Mars: 2010 poli-SF novel by Martin T. Ingham about Scientific Fundamentalism

Here’s an interesting poli-SF novel that I recently stumbled across: The Guns of Mars, penned by American speculative fiction writer Martin T. Ingham and published in April 2010 by Pill Hill Press, a small, independent publisher located in Nebraska that specializes in horror, suspense, dark fantasy and science fiction. Here’s the promotional piece:

As science-worshipping totalitarians seek to overtake Mars, a defiant patriot stands alone against a corrupt system in The Guns of Mars.

Morgan Asher never wanted to be part of the Martian colonization effort, but agrees to leave Earth for Mars to fulfill his wife's lifelong dream. After arriving on the Red Planet, Morgan discovers a sinister plot: Scientific Fundamentalists (Scifes) have infiltrated all levels of colonial society, and they hold a deadly weapon in their arsenal-one capable of rewriting a person's thoughts and desires.

Out of time and out of luck, Morgan must find a way to expose the enemies of liberty before their conquest of Mars is complete.

Martin T. Ingham is a writer, stonemason and family man whose life ambition is to become a commercially successful author in the field of speculative fiction. He has been known to collect coins, repair antique watches, and play with firearms. Ingham lives with his wife and three children Down East in Maine.

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