Thursday, December 2, 2010

Encounters Magazine reprints Jack MacKenzie’s 2005 short story "Father Mars"

The November/December 2010 (Vol. 1, No. 4) issue of Encounters Magazine, published by Black Matrix Publishing of Oregon, reprints a science fiction short story called “Father Mars” (2005), which was written by a fellow named Jack MacKenzie. I haven’t read or purchased the story, but here is a blurb about it provided by the website SFRevu:

“Neko is a young woman living on a terraformed Mars that had been at war with Earth before she had been born. Life is fairly primitive but her all-female community still survives. There are signs in the sky. Is Earth attacking again? Neko is one of those sent out. She finds out what is happening in a somewhat unsatisfying story.”

According to Fictionwise, “Father Mars” was also published in Rage Machine Magazine #1 (December 2005), edited by G. W. Thomas.

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