Sunday, October 17, 2010

Late author Kage Baker had a hot heart for Mars

Kate Baker Kathleen Bartholomew, the sister of the late well-known American science fiction writer Kage Baker (1952-2010), recently posted a moving piece titled “The Hot Heart of Mars” on the blog Kathleen, Kage and the Company. It traces Kage’s interest in Mars over the years and mentions her novella The Empress of Mars (2003, free read!), short story “Where the Golden Apples Grow” (2006), and forthcoming short story “Attlee and The Long Walk,” which will be published in Australian editor Jonathon Strahan’s anthology Life On Mars, due out in April 2011.


  1. Although Kathleen (I've never known her to use the name "Kate") and Kage are indeed sisters, Kathleen's last name is "Bartholomew." For the record, of course, because Kathleen is now writing, and will soon be publishing under her own name.

    Marty Halpern

  2. Marty,

    I've edited my post to reflect your clarification. Thanks!