Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Rare 1950’s Italian “Martian Electric Espresso” machine

Check out these photos of a rare “Martian Electric Espresso” machine. Apparently, it was manufactured in Italy in 1955 with parts from Giordano Robbiati’s famous Atomic coffee makers. A functional piece of aluminum art produced to the highest standards, it has a boiler capacity of 1.5 liters of water, a basket capacity of more than 50 grams of ground beans, generates up to 20 cups, and is powered by 240 volts. Sadly the “Martian Electric Espresso” machine was a commercial failure. According to espresso aficionados, only three of these machines are known to collectors worldwide.


  1. This is actually the crude Prototype art.The art was produced well before the actual manufacture of the "Martian" Espresso machine, which differs in many ways.
    By one of the known Martian owners

  2. Actually, I own a "Martian" Espresso machine which looks exactly like the artwork here.