Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Model rocket build: MPC Martian Patrol (1970)

The blog Model Rocket Building has an awesome 15-part, step-by-step guide to building the Martian Patrol flying rocket kit (R-844), which was manufactured in 1970 by MPC of Mount Clemens, Michigan. Comprised of molded plastic parts and a fiber tube rocket body, the Martian Patrol has two goofy UFO’s which separate at apogee. A parachute returns the rocket safely to the ground while the UFO’s hover in the sky, gliding and descending to a safe landing. Check out the original directions, which begin with these lines:


(Model Rocket)

A flying model rocket is a scientifically designed educational model … NOT A TOY! If misused it can be dangerous. It is capable of attaining speeds up to 300 mph. It should be used only as instructed, and treated with care and respect.

Interested in building this vintage rocket? You can purchase an original kit off of Ebay for about $100.

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