Friday, September 10, 2010

Cities of Martian Rails: Crater 47

Martian Rails (2009), the crayon board game manufactured by Mayfair Games about railroading on the Red Planet in which players build tracks and haul freight in sleek trains with names like Tweel, Spirit and Viking, has a long list of interesting cities that players can capitalize on to generate revenue for their rail companies. For example:

Crater 47 -- A small settlement south of the vast Hellas Basin (south central section). The name of this settlement originates from the early maps produced after the Mariner 9 space probe orbited Mars in 1971. Many of the craters were identified only by number until the International Astronomical Union could assign names. This was one of the few numbers that persisted. Because of its size, Crater 47 was the first crater to be tented over when Silverstuff was invented.

Martian Rails is loaded with references to Martian SF!

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