Monday, September 20, 2010

BBC Radio 7 to podcast Journey into Space: The Red Planet

Starting on Monday, September 20, 2010, and continuing for about ten days, BBC Radio 7 will podcast live The Red Planet, the second series in Journey into Space, a classic science fiction radio program written and produced in the 1950s by Charles Chilton. Originally broadcast over several months from September 1954 to January 1955, The Red Planet consists of twenty 30-minute episodes set in the late 20th century and stars actor Andrew Faulds as Captain Andrew “Jet” Morgan. Here are descriptions of the episodes: 

Episode 1 - Captain Jet Morgan and his crew commence their 1971 mission to Mars, but there's a problem.

Episode 2 - Captain Jet Morgan is bound for Mars, but one of his crew has been cast adrift in space.

Episode 3 - Whitaker is behaving strangely, as bad dreams plague the crew on their mission to Mars.

Episode 4 - The mystery over Whitaker deepens, as tragedy strikes on board one of the Mars freighters.

Episode 5 - With communications to Earth lost, Jet Morgan's courage is tested during a meteor swarm.

Episode 6 - Captain Jet Morgan and his crew receive warnings to turn back - but who is sending them?

Episode 7 - The crew try to locate Freighter 6 and Captain Jet has a nightmare.

Episode 8 - As the Jet and the crew approach Mars, strange noises and dreams affect them.

Episode 9 - Arriving on Mars, Captain Jet Morgan and crew prepare to start explorations.

Episode 10 - Captain Jet Morgan's crew are on Mars, but he's alarmed when more of the fleet start to arrive.

Episode 11 - Jet and the crew reach freighter number two and realise they may not be alone on Mars.

Episode 12 - A mysterious ship disturbs the crew, and a city from Jet's dreams appears to exist on Mars.

Episode 13 - In the city from Captain Jet Morgan's dream, Lemmy finds himself under telepathic attack.

Episode 14 - As the Discovery's crew explore Mars, Jet and Doc must rescue Lemmy - but what about Mitch?

Episode 15 - Cold-handed Maclean attacks Lemmy, but the plucky radio operator fights back.

Episode 16 - Captain Jet, Doc and Lemmy set off to rescue Mitch - who is starting to doubt his own sanity.

Episode 17 - With Mitch conditioned at a "sheep station", Jet and his crew work out their own escape.

Episode 18 - With Lemmy and Doc at the mercies of the Martian forces, Jet takes action.

Episode 19 - Lemmy and Doc learn how to pilot a sphere and Jet receives a mysterious offer of help.

Episode 20 - Captain Jet Morgan and his crew attempt to outrun the Martian Spheres in their bid to escape.

Check BBC 7’s website for specific dates and times of the live podcast of The Red Planet. The best opportunity to listen to the podcast might be through BBC's "Listen Again" feature, which makes programs available for about a week after they are aired.

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