Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Third Base: New Aussie webseries follows group of teens marooned on Mars

The YA crowd should check out Third Base, a new Australian tv webseries that follows a group of teens marooned on Mars. Described as “Battlestar Galactica meets Lord of the Flies,” the series is competing in the Movie Extra WebFest for a $100,000 production budget to shoot seven episodes. Here’s some of the promotional material for Third Base:

Troubled 17-year-old Riley Cole is forced to follow his father and relocate to Third Base on Mars. Living in a research station with thirty scientists and their families isn’t exactly the life Riley imagined—he’s determined to cause trouble and get them sent home. Befriending the base doctor’s daughter Misha, Riley quickly makes an enemy of Callan—Misha’s on-off boyfriend. Caught getting high, Riley and all the other under-18-year-olds find themselves locked under curfew.

But when an explosive decompression threatens their lives, Riley’s forced to take charge and makes a shocking discovery: All their parents are dead. With three months before the next shuttle can arrive from Earth, Riley and the teens are forced to fend for themselves. Can 16-year-old William overcome his crippling anxiety and become a hero? Will Misha finally make a choice between Riley and Callan? And with dwindling supplies, how long will it be before the teens turn on each other? No Parents. No Rules. No Oxygen.

There's also a Third Base trailer and an interesting “Behind the Scenes” video.

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