Thursday, December 22, 2011

Knight of Mars: Lady Pendragon and the sword Caliburn

Sadly, I’ve given up trying to understand Lady Pendragon, a series of comic books written by Matt Hawkins that features at least one legendary sword, Caliburn, that was discovered on the red planet Mars.

Apparently, the earliest story arcs of the series are set in the Middle Ages and star a beautiful sword-wielding heroine named Lady Pendragon (Maximum Press, mid-1990s). Then, apparently, the story arcs shift to the present, where a geeky novelist named Jennifer Drake somehow becomes a modern-day Lady Pendragon, time-traveling through a portal at Stonehenge to dispense justice (Image Comics, late 1990s). Later, apparently, the series was revised because of confusing plot threads and twists (Top Cow, late 2000s).

I’m conceding defeat, but if you’re into King Arthur, knights, wizards, Druids, religious crusades, crucifixions, and a sexy character who kicks ass, check out Lady Pendragon!

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  1. Re. 'sexy character who kicks ass', I expected -unfortunately- less from the next 'John Carter' movie than I (by accident) discovered in the 'Legend of the Seeker' TV series...