Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Review of John Carter: World of Mars #2, Marvel's new offensive in Barsoomian comic book war

JCOM Reader, a blog devoted to news and reviews from Barsoom, Mongo & other planets, has a nice balanced review of John Carter: World of Mars #2, the second chapter in Marvel’s new four-issue comic book series that is the prequel, not to the original John Carter of Mars novels penned by Edgar Rice Burroughs, but to the long-awaited Disney film John Carter (2012).

Cover art by Mico Suayan.
Set on Barsoom in the centuries before the arrival of John Carter, the John Carter: World of Mars series is being scripted by writer Peter David, a huge fan of ERB, with interior artwork by Luke Ross. The project has the full support and cooperation of Disney, and is a response to the new Warlord of Mars: Fall of Barsoom comic book prequel series being published by rival Dynamite Comics.

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