Friday, November 11, 2011

New SF thriller novel: The Beast of Mars by Eric Meyer

Here’s an interesting new novel: The Beast of Mars (2011), written by British military author Eric Meyer, which was just published by UK-based SwordWorks Books. According to the promotional piece posted on Amazon, it’s “a Science Fiction thriller crammed with breakneck action, brutal battle scenes, and intriguing science that hints at a future that is more than credible.” Here’s the complete description:

Cal Rahm is a brilliant mining engineer destined for a glittering career. He drops out after a terrorist attack destroys his research station. His fiancée was killed in the attack, and he loses the will to go on. After a string of manual jobs, including a spell as a mercenary, fighting off hostile tribes and bandits, he signs up for a contract on Mars. The discovery of a miracle mineral on the planet has opened up opportunities for people like him. It offers the chance to earn a big pay packet. And to escape the ghosts of the past that haunt his nightmares.

There are threats Rahm has to resolve on Mars, threats beyond anything he could have anticipated. Taurons, the vicious aliens from outside the Solar System who intend to extract the precious trevanium for their sole use. Corporate greed that threatens to shatter the entire project with weak and ineffectual management. A killer inside Mars Base who threatens them all. And Gabi Aaronsen, a girl he has to protect from all of them.

Sorry folks, I couldn’t find any biographical information about author Eric Meyer!

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